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Panasonic KX-NS700 - One compact platform, multiple communication channels.

With features that include built-in unified messaging, cell phone support and basic call center functionality, the KX-NS700 series offers functions that enable employees — working both inside and outside the office environment — to control and direct communications to enhance productivity, while saving time and money.

Ideal for small call center environments, built-in applications including Queue Announcement, Live Status Monitor, Activity Report, and Automatic Conversation Recording support the critical needs of supervisors and improve call handling, routing, response times and sales.

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​Panasonic digital phones boast a user-friendly interface and powerful support features for a long life of superior performance. Programmable keys, a full duplex hands-free speakerphone mode, integrated headset support and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen with state of the art functions are just a few of the advanced features that can give your business a powerful productivity boost.

Panasonic KX-NS700 and KX-NS1000 telephone systems that seamlessly integrate with advanced desktop productivity applications for improved business efficiency.  Communication Assistant is a unified communication productivity software suite that provides office staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity.

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The new KX-NS700 series is a compact hybrid communication platform designed to enhance communications and productivity for small- to medium-sized businesses. Easy to install and maintain, this flexible digital and IP communication system serves up to 250 users and can be quickly and easily configured and expanded to meet evolving business needs.

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Panasonic's advanced IP phones feature wideband HD audio to produce true "in person" quality sound, up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections and a remarkably easy interface to deliver maximum performance. Panasonic IP phones offer an unprecedented range of options to suit your business needs. Take your communication to the next dimension with IP phones from Panasonic.

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Panasonic telephone systems bring you Unified Communication

Panasonic Unified Communication Systems allow you to easily configure from eight to 1000 extensions; reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks; and support your mobile workforce with cordless connectivity. From our IP phones and digital phones to our market-leading cordless solution, you'll find advanced features to connect your company like never before.

With features that include built-in Unified Messaging, cell phone support, instant messaging (chat) and presence information, as well as basic call center functionality, Panasonic’s Unified Communication Platform offers functions that enable employees — working both inside and outside the office environment — to control and direct communications to enhance productivity, while saving time and money.  

The future of business is connected. And the future is now.

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