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ESI on-premise IP business telephone systems that support SIP trunks

While the use of on-premise phone systems continues to stand the test of time, the days of digital phones are going away, if not gone.  Digital phones are powered by the phone system, connected via a direct cable from each phone to the system.  They are being replaced by more current technology, on-premise IP solutions that utilize a user’s Local Area Network (LAN) to power IP phones and connect them to the IP phone system.  This same IP technology can be configured to easily support remote users as well.      

An ESI on-premise IP phone system provides all the capabilities (and more) of Hosted service with greater control over your system and significant long-term savings when compared to Hosted service.  What you will not incur are per phone, per month costs, annual software assurance fees or per user ‘seat’ charges that never end.

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 The ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ IP phone systems deliver power, performance and flexibility for small to mid- sized businesses.  With a modular design that uses the very latest advanced IP technology, the ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ is engineered for the communications needs of today, while protecting your investment in the future with the ability to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.   

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