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Does your school system or similar organization have a need to upgrade or replace an existing paging system or clock management system?  TSIowa offers a paging solution for your specific application.  Valcom's Class Connection Solution has been designed specifically for K-12 schools and similar organizations.

For Information regarding Valcom Paging Systems and Call Connection, Valcom's complete solution for K-12 paging and clock management systems, click on the Valcom logo...

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Paging and Clock Management Systems

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We believe in keeping things simple for our customers. 

    When our customers ask us "what is the best headset available?"  

  • We tell them Plantronics headsets are the best available. 

    When our customers ask us "what is the best paging system available?" 

  • We tell them Valcom paging systems are the best available. 

   We carry both with more information on this page...   

The Premier MP3 On-Hold System 

General Description

The USB 1200 by Premier Technologies is a digital audio system designed for

Music & Message On Hold playback on phone systems. MP3 audio is stored on a removable USB flash drive that is plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of new audio is easily done by “dragging and dropping” MP3 file(s) from a computer to the USB flash drive.​

Plantronics Headsets 

Plantronics offers one of the industry's most complete families of corded and wireless

headset products.  Widely recognized for their sound quality, reliability and comfort,

Plantronics pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset and noise-cancelling technology, always driven by a single obsession; to remove the barriers to simply smarter communications. ​​

Our customers turn to us for a variety of products and services. This includes Valcom paging systems, Plantronics headsets and Premier On-Hold devices. 

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