You can assign up to an 11 character name to your keyset.
To program a station name:

  • Press TRANSFER and then dial 104.
  • Enter up to 11 characters using the following procedure. 
  • Type in the name using the dial pad keys. Each press of a key selects a character.  Press 2 once to get “A,” Press 5 twice to get “K,” etc.
  • Entering the next key (or letter) moves the cursor to the next position. For example, if the name is "AMY"... press 2 once to get the letter “A,” press 6 once to enter "M" and press 9 three times to enter the letter “Y.”
  • If the same button is used twice in a row - for instance if you were going to enter a sequence that uses "O-M"  - use the Up Volume arrow to enter the next letter pressing the same button. 
  • Press TRANSFER to store the name.

How to change station names