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Let me keep this simple.  If you might be interested in selling your telephone system company, please contact me. 

We have been in business under the name of Telecom Services of Iowa since 2001.  I started in the ‘Bell System’ over 35 years ago and have mostly been on the system side of the business, selling telephone systems to businesses.  I was Director of Sales for the original Teleconnect Company if you are old enough to remember that company.

I started this company by buying the base of another Interconnect company, Business Telephones Interconnect whose owners wished to retire.  TSIowa has experienced steady growth over the years and expect to continue that trend.  Along the way I have purchased the customer base from a number of phone system providers in eastern and central Iowa. 

In addition to purchasing Business Telephones Interconnect, I purchased a company called Cedar Rapids Phone Systems, Sales, Service and Synergistic Technologies from another owner who was retiring. The owners of both of these companies felt my offers were fair or they would not have sold their companies and base of customers to me.

I also took over the base of a 'high tech' company (who will remain nameless) who chose to dabble in the phone business but did not find it right for them.  We took over support of their base.  They felt good about it because they knew that the customers they had sold systems to would get excellent service and support going forward.  

If you are retiring or simply want out of the phone business for whatever reason, please give me a call.  If it is a good fit for both of our companies we may be able to work something out.  I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

Thank you,

Mark Hazlett   | 319-393-0585 |  mark@tsiowa.com