Expand your market coverage with a local number in other cities.  

Expanding your market coverage.... Just another way that SIP trunks can help your business be more productive.

Des Moines  515-331-0444

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Cedar Rapids 319-393-0585

Cedar Falls/Waterloo  319-229-7454

POTS stands for 'Plain Old Telephone Service'

Iowa City  319-333-7714

SIP trunks for reduced local and long distance service. 

Perhaps some definitions would be helpful...

We have an alternative that will allow you to replace those POTS lines with more cost effective SIP trunks. 
SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol. A SIP trunk is a virtual line that uses Internet Bandwidth to deliver local and long distance service (dial tone) to your phone system. SIP trunks replace your analog POTS lines at a lower price, with enhanced capabilities.

 Use Clearfly SIP trunk service to expand your market coverage and provide a local presence in remote cities. Phone numbers from cities other than your own can be programmed to ring in to the SIP trunks terminating in your phone system.

How much does it cost?  (Not much) The cost of a Market Expansion Line from Century Link is $25 per month. The numbers employed in each remote city which are pointed to your Clearfly SIP trunks are .35 cents each, per month.  That's it!  When you use Clearfly SIP trunks it costs only .35 each to provide a local presence in remote cities as well.​

The Clearfly SIP trunks we offer are $25 per line, with  FREE unlimited long distance calling. 

Dubuque  563-213-5784 

New Hampton  641-394-3301

How do they work A SIP trunk is  a virtual line. There is no 'line' until a telephone user starts to place an outgoing call, or when an incoming call is received. For the duration of that call, or for that session, a virtual line is created and the call is completed. Hence the name, Session Initialed Protocol, or SIP.

But there's more - Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers. When SIP trunks are used with your phone system, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) capabilities can be provided. DID gives each user or Department the ability to receive calls directly from an outside caller over their direct number. We can take this even further to provide 'Mobility' options by connecting such calls simultaneously to the cell phones of your mobile users.  

If you have an older phone system, the SIP trunks that we offer can be delivered to your system as ‘analog’ lines to replace your POTS lines. This means that you can still benefit from the implementation of SIP trunks. 

Reduce the cost of your local phone service.... SIP trunks do more, for less. 


​​SIP Trunks

Replace your Analog POTS lines with SIP Trunks.... at $25 per SIP trunk.

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We can deliver SIP trunks to any phone system that we support. 

Plain Old Telephone Service, or POTS lines, are the phone lines provided by your local phone company that your phone system is probably using for local and long distance service.

As local phone companies and their competitors work to switch customers to new fiber networks and provide alternative methods of delivering phone service, they are raising rates or eliminating POTS service entirely.