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We use our Clearfly SIP trunk service to expand our market coverage and provide a local presence in remote cities.  Click here to find out how we do it.... 

SIP trunks for reduced local and long distance service. 
Call us to find out more!  Let us show you how you can save money and improve productivity. 

What are SIP trunks?  SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol.  A SIP trunk is a virtual line that uses high-speed Internet Bandwidth to deliver local and long distance service (dial tone) to your phone system.  SIP trunks replace your analog (land) lines or PRI service, usually at a lower price.  The Clearfly SIP trunks we offer are less than $25 per line, with  FREE unlimited long distance calling.   

How does it work?  A SIP trunk is  a virtual line.  There is no 'line' until a telephone user dials 9 to place an outgoing call, or when a number is called and an incoming call is received.  For the duration of that call, for that 'session,' a virtual line is created and the call is completed.  Hence the name, Session Initialed Protocol, or SIP.

But there's more - direct numbers.  When SIP trunks are used with your Panasonic or Samsung phone system,  Direct Inward Dialing (DID) capabilities can be provided.  DID gives each user or Department the ability to receive calls directly from an outside caller over their individual, or direct, number.   Ask us how we can take that even further to provide the utmost in 'Mobility'  by  connecting such calls simultaneously to the cell phones of your mobile users.  

SIP trunks are priced to give you real return on your investment and expand the boundaries of your business. 

Features -
SIP Trunking does more for less than $25 Per Trunk
   Unlimited Outbound Long Distance to the USA and Canada
   2 Free DID's per SIP Trunk
   e911 Service
   Hunting 
   Inbound Caller ID
   Outbound Caller ID
   White Page Listing (1 included per contract)

All You Need:
1. A SIP Service Provider (we have one in mind)
2. A Telephone System that is enabled for SIP trunks like the Samsung and Panasonic systems we offer. 
3. SIP Trunks
4. And US – your single point of contact to evaluate,recommend, install and manage your new network and phone system

SIP Trunks