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  1. Move your local and Internet service.  You will want to contact your existing local service provider when you have an approximate move date to get that move scheduled.  You can get quotes from other providers at that time, but make sure you are not under contract with your existing provider or you could get hit with an early termination penalty.  We work with all of the major carriers.  Let us know if you need someone to work with and we can refer you to the appropriate person.    
  2.  Make sure that you have adequate voice and data cabling in place.  We can help with this.  Our customers often turn to us for this task as we are the ones that will be there to support it after the fact.  We warrant any cabling that we do for the same warranty period as the phone system.  When figuring cable locations, in addition to phones and computers don’t forget fax machines, printers and credit card readers. 
  3. Move or purchase a phone system.  If you are already a customer we will help coordinate the move and installation of your phone system.  If you are not yet a TSIowa customer this is the area in which we are most successful and the cornerstone of our business.  All of the systems we sell are covered by a lengthy equipment warranty.  If a surveillance system is needed, we can help you with that as well.  
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​​​​​Whether you are installing a new telephone system, investigating new technologies such as VoIP or SIP trunking, are interested in a surveillance system, or simply want to review your local or long distance services, TSIowa can handle your every need. 

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When one of our customers, or a prospective customer, calls us and tells us they are moving we tell them that there are three things they will need to address as a part of their move.  We can help them address all three of these areas: 


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