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What is involved in the transition from a digital phone system to an IP phone system?  Your existing digital phones are powered by the common equipment of the phone system via a dedicated voice cable from each phone to the system.

An IP solution utilizes your Local Area Network (LAN) to power IP phones and connect them to the IP phone system.  This means that a Cat5E or Cat6 data connection will be needed at each phone location to support an IP telephone.   

Existing data connections (cable and jack) that support a PC on the network provide such cabling and can be shared for phone use as well.   Each IP phone has a Gigabit ‘pass through’ connection built in to it.  This pass-through is a dual data connection built in to the back of the phone in which one jack supports the phone, while the other serves to pass through the full bandwidth of your Gigabit network for use by the PC.  

IP phones are powered by a data switch which is your Local Area Network.   Each phone and/or data device requires a powered data ‘port’ to power that device on the network.*  Many networks already employ Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches to provide this power.  If not, upgrading your network to PoE switches does not have to be a major cost item.  We will work with your IT support provider, or can assist you in providing the proper PoE switches to meet your needs.

The result?  One network that supports both your voice and data needs.
   With the phone system on your network, System Administration can be performed from any PC on the network.  Phone moves and additions become plug & play as IP phones store extension number and programming info, not the phone system. There are other advantages of voice and data served via a single network.  We look forward to discussing them with you.  

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We also offer ESI's Hosted service. This is a Cloud based service in which charges are incurred on a per phone, monthly basis, rather than an upfront purchase of equipment.  There are many situations, especially multi-site applications, that can be better served by this alternative as it more fully integrates all users in all locations. In these applications, the implementation of Hosted service may be the right solution to meet your communication needs. 


It is important to note that regardless of which option you select, an on-premise IP solution or a Hosted alternative, the same network requirements discussed above will be required.

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