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On-Premise IP Solution with SIP Trunks

While the use of on-premise phone systems continues to stand the test of time, the days of digital systems are going away.  Digital phones are powered by the phone system, connected via a direct cable from each phone to the system. 

They are being replaced by more current technology, IP solutions that utilize a user’s Local Area Network (LAN) to power IP phones and connect them to the IP phone system. This same IP technology can be configured to support remote users as well. 

Existing data connections (Cat5E or Cat6 cable and jack) that support a PC on the network can be shared for phone use as well. Each IP phone has a Gigabit ‘pass through’ connection built in to it. This pass-through is a dual data connection in the back of the phone in which one jack supports the phone, while the other serves to pass through the full bandwidth of your Gigabit network for use by the PC.  

An IP phone requires power, provided either by a data ‘port’ on your Local Area Network, or via a power adapter located at each phone. Many networks already employ Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that can provide this power. We will work with you to determine the best way to provide the power needed for your application. 

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On-Premise IP Systems

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