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What if your customers could call one phone number at your office and reach you wherever you may be?  
One business phone number reaches you anywhere.

If you are not available callers could leave a voice mail message on your office phone system.  
Voice mail messages may be forwarded to your e-mail as a WAV file attachment. 

This gives you one place to check all of your messages. 
Check e-mail from your desktop, laptop or Smartphone to complete the cycle.

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Mobility is the ability to have a call ring a user’s extension while simultaneously ringing their cell phone as well. If they choose not to answer the call it is taken back by the phone system and sent to the user's voice mail where the caller may leave a message. 

One business phone number reaches you anywhere.


Unified Messaging is the ability to forward a voice mail message received by the phone system to the email of a specific user in the form of a WAV file attachment. 

Voice mail messages are forwarded to e-mail giving users one place (email) to check both their voice mail and email messages.  

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Mobility is about connectivity, maintaining contact and being available when needed.

​In today’s competitive business environment being connected and available is more important than it’s ever been.

Mobility and Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging and Mobility options are available with every phone system we offer.